I have been teaching at Access to Music College for two years now. It has been a mixture of a Learning Advisor and Teacher job role. I have been working with a large range of post 16 music students with a range of learning difficulties, ages and interests.

I have been teaching guitar 1-on-1 for 5 years, with a mixed age of students (7-70). They have all been beginner-intermediate lessons although I am able to teach any playing ability level. I am a positive, passionate independent thinker. Dedicated to be continually developing as a person in everything I do. I have had 100% attendance in BIMM and Access to Music and I commit to everything I do.

I am also the founder of – The Self Made Guitarist. The Self Made Guitarist is a new Guitar teaching program and community. It’s to connect like-minded Guitarists who are passionate and serious about the guitar and to deliver the best content to ensure we all achieve our guitar playing goals and dreams! It’s a new online teaching project of mine which has already had 200 downloads of my eBook “Warm-Up Routine Secrets”. With plans to create a new book and video courses.

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